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Download Firefox 10.0 Beta 
firefox 10.0 beta

New features in Firefox 10 :

Full-screen API, in particular, is very interesting because it opens the door to a wide range of applications and new features. There is a further review of the system to be built in 10 Firefox as a
new approach to common problems.
The next button has been removed

10 Firefox has introduced a simple but effective changes. Navigation button on the front panel is hidden by default. This saves space in the user interface and eliminates unnecessary toolbars.

However, the button becomes visible once the button again. There is no loss of functionality, but get a little "more space, you'll use most often to the address bar or toolbar add-on.

Smoothing for WebGL

Another new feature of Firefox 10 so that it now supports Anti-Aliasing WebGL. This should mean smoother graphics and can come in especially handy if you build WebGL interface elements, such as it is, you have to do very often.

API for full-screen video and games

Excellent addition beta version of Firefox API in full screen mode. This is very useful for online video is already being used in Firefox HTML5-video player version 10. I can not go full screen to watch the video is one of the most common complaints about HTML5 video.

The second version of the game is a great resource. Again able to take the whole screen is very important for games and HTML5 to take advantage of the new function.

Inspector beautiful new web-based tool for HTML and CSS

10 Firefox comes with a new instrument inspector. This is very impressive and beautiful but also very practical. Developers will appreciate the new facility, which is one of the biggest things is not a set of development tools for Firefox.

CSS3 3D transformations compatible with the latest beta of Firefox, which also adds support for HTML5 element.

so what do you want? download for free


For how to download it you'll be directed to then wait 5 seconds and look for SKIP AD button located on the right top of your monitor.

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